All The Black Panther Merch You Need for the Film’s Release

Black Panther is out today! You’re going to see it, but this is 2018 — seeing the movie is only, like, 20 percent of the cultural experience of a Marvel movie, tops. You have to soak in the buildup, the post-release forum ranting, and, of course, the merch. There’s been some good stuff released ahead of the movie, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to look through it all, here’s your chance to get some shopping done before hitting the theater!

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No disrespect to the rest of the merch, but the movie’s soundtrack legitimately might be the best Black Panther thing you can buy. It’s been curated by Kendrick Lamar, who’s on quite a few of the tracks himself. Future, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Vince Staples, and The Weeknd are also in the mix, among a huge pool of hip-hop talent. Right now the soundtrack is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 100, and movie soundtracks don’t do that very often. You can buy it now, but it’s also streaming on most major services.

This sterling silver claw necklace is part of Los Angeles-based Douriean’s jewelry collection made for the movie. It’s pricey, but it’s unlike anything else you’ll find!

Douriean – $453

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