All the Movie, TV, and Video Game Releases You Need to Know About for March

Need to know what’s worth nerding out on this month? We’ve been combing the release calendars to find all the awesome movies, shows, and games headed your way. Here’s what’s got our attention!


A Wrinkle in Time – March 9

Disney tried adapting Madeleine L’Engle’s children’s sci-fi classic into a movie in 2003 — it didn’t go well. On March 9, we’ll see if they can get it right on the second try. If nothing else, they spared no expense! The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, and Mindy Kaling as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who, with newcomer Storm Reid as Meg Murry. The trailer looks gorgeous and action-packed, but it’ll be interesting to see if Disney captures the more thoughtful, philosophical bent of the original novel, too.

Tomb Raider – March 16

In 2013, the Tomb Raider series of video games got a reboot. Time for a movie reboot, too! Angelina Jolie is out as Lara Croft, and Alicia Vikander of Ex Machina is tagging in. Like the new games, the movie will follow a younger Croft going on some of her earlier adventures — all indications are that the movie won’t follow the story of the new games, though. We’ll see how Vikander does on March 16. Either way, love the vaguely Rambo title logo!

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