We Tip Our Hats to These Old Western Justice League Superheroes

Italian artist Denis Medri can make some pretty amazing sketches, but it’s his imagination that has us coming back — we loved his series of Star Wars characters stuck in an ’80s high school movie, and we’re just as into his twist on the Justice League. They’ve all gone back in time to the Wild West, and boy does that make us feel bad for any would be train robbers. Take a look at his work, plus a few great sketches of The Avengers in a fantasy setting at the end. If you like what you see, be sure to check out more of his work on his Behance page and his ArtStation page.

Denis Medri/ArtStation

I’d like to think any Green Lantern worth their ring could create their very own old-timey saloon.

Denis Medri/ArtStation

Wonder Woman already has the lasso! She was born ready for the Wild West.

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