Fun, Free, Workout Dance Videos You Can Get Behind, While Getting Off Your Behind

Raise your hand if working out is just a struggle bus for you, like it is for me. I can’t tell you how much I loathe getting on a treadmill and staring at the gym wall while I try to motivate myself. Newsflash: it’s not motivating. It’s far from motivating. I started trolling Youtube for inspiring workout videos that I could easily do at home, that cost me no money, and that looked like a fun time.

Kind of a tall order, right? Well, Caleb, The Fitness Marshall somehow managed to cater to all that! The Fitness Marshall pairs easy to follow dance moves with popular songs and the results are sure to make your day, and workout routine, so much better! You can thank me later.

Taylor Swift- Look What You Made Me Do

Thanks Caleb for counting this out for us! I’m so into this. Look what you made me do!

Usher- Yeah!

“You got one of your haters trying to find you in the club. Hide your face!” I’m hiding it, I’m hiding it!

Rihanna- Needed Me

Ok, this is my FAVORITE Ri Ri song of all time. And this dance routine The Fitness Marshall made is also my favorite! Swoon!

Lady Gaga- Telephone

I’m kinda busy. Don’t you dare telephone me during this workout!

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