PUR Foaming Bamboo Almond Scrub

Ok, I admit, I’m a body scrub addict. Out of all the beauty products I use and buy every month, body scrubs outnumber everything else! I’m also a firm believer that body scrubs are a vital part of any beauty routine.

Why is the PUR attitude foaming bamboo almond body scrub so great? It helps you slough away dead skin cells and keep your skin exfoliated. It’s the perfect first step before applying any moisturizing lotion. It also smells good; very much like almonds.

PUR also adds natural botanicals and essential oils to this body scrub to help condition your skin too! I also like that their ingredients are straightforward and easy to read and understand. There also are only all natural and safe ingredients in this body scrub!


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Ok, so what’s the verdict?

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