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We’re Totallee In Love With This Thin Leather iPhone Case

The Verdict

The bottom line is this is a perfect case for anyone that prefers one to be super thin, yet stylish. We’re Totallee in love with this leather iPhone case. So let’s recap exactly what’s to love about the Totallee leather iPhone Case:

  • The Design (it speaks for itself)
  • Accessible Price Point At $29
  • Super Thin
  • Easy To Snap On
  • Free Of Branding
  • Incredibly Well Made

It’s also really incredible to see that Totallee offers a 2 year warranty on their cases, which means they definitely stand behind their products. It also is an attestment to how well made they are, as no company in their right mind would offer this kind of a warranty if their product could not withstand the wear and tear that comes with general use over this amount of time.

Another nice thing the company offers is a 30-day money back guarantee. I can’t imagine anyone actually taking them up on this though, because there’s just nothing not to love!

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