This Awesome Artist Reminds Us of How Many Other Rad DC Superheroes Deserve Screen Time

It’s no secret that, compared to Marvel’s, the DC movies haven’t been doing so hot. They’ve still made loads of money, with Wonder Woman setting a few records, but the whole cinematic universe deal hasn’t quite taken shape — and it might not ever. But, if nothing else, they’ll still at least be making one-off superhero movies, and that’s great news, because there are a lot more characters that deserve some big screen love besides the Justice League. Artist Sébastien Minatchy has drawn a few, along with some more familiar faces — check them out here, and if you want to see more of his work, find him on DeviantArt and Instagram!


But as is tradition here, we will always kick off a DC feature with Wonder Woman.


Hawkgirl was hard done by getting left out of Justice League. She’s been around since the beginning!

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