The Avengers: Infinity War Lego Sets Have a Gauntlet’s Worth of Infinity Stones

It’s our favorite brand of moderate spoilers — official Lego sets! Every time a huge-budget movie is about to come out, Lego unloads a bunch of really sweet sets that also happen to give hints, if not straight up revelations, about what happens in the movie. Infinity War is, unsurprisingly, no different. Over the weekend, Lego started selling six sets ahead of the movie, each with one of the Infinity Stones that fit into the gauntlet — despite the fact that they haven’t all been seen in the movies yet!

So, perfunctory spoiler alert: there’s nothing that shocking here, but if you’re super concerned about spoilers, maybe take a hard pass on looking at these sets anyway. Otherwise, enjoy — the sets also cover most of the heroes, all of Thanos’s Black Order squad, and a comically oversized Thanos minifig (maxifig?).

Outrider Dropship Attack

This set includes a fold-out Outrider dropship manned by two of the four-armed troublemakers. Looks like Captain America and Black Widow are on the scene, with the Cap minifig getting a beard head element, absolutely the real prize here. Looks like this set features the Tesseract, which seems odd! Pretty sure Thanos jacked that stone from Loki off-screen, so it’ll be interesting to see if the stone really does end up being transported by a pair of scrub henchmen for some reason. Seems unlikely!

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