This Amazing Stain-Free Shirt is a More Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fast Fashion

Fast fashion chains like H&M and Zara are starting to get the same reputation that fast food chains get —not a good one. Lots of shoppers have been looking for more ethically sourced clothes that might be a little more expensive, but have the promise of lasting much longer — something that could make clothes shopping cheaper in the long run! It’s a trend on everyone’s minds, especially a company out of the Netherlands called LABFRESH. They’re raising money for a shirt that promises to stay with you for much longer by solving one of the most vexing of clothes problems — stains.

Stain resistance isn’t new, but it usually requires the use of materials that might not be the most comfortable. Not so with the LABFRESH T-shirt, which promises to be a completely stain-free shirt despite being 100 percent cotton. Wine, coffee, and whatever else you can throw at it seems to roll right off with seeping into the fabric.

They’ve managed to make a stain-free 100 percent cotton T-shirt using three different technologies together. On the outside, LABFRESH has used a hydrophobic coating to repel liquids, making it possible to wash off anything that would otherwise stain with water. The other two technologies fight stains from the inside — silver particles have been used to interact with sweat to prevent odor, while moisture wicking spreads sweat out more evenly to prevent the grossest of stains from forming.

The team of Lotte Vink and Kasper Brandi Petersen are now on their second Kickstarter campaign for LABFRESH, with the first campaign focusing on a button-down shirt. This T-shirt campaign has already reached its funding goal, with July estimated as the ship date for the shirts (and they do ship to the U.S.). A contribution of €35 will get you one shirt — expensive, but again, they’re built to last a while. The only real downside we can see is that the shirts are only available in grey, white, and black — here’s hoping they get a dash of color someday!