Gaze Longingly at the 20 Most Expensive Cars on eBay Right Now

When you think of shopping for a Ferrari, the imagination probably takes you to a glass-walled dealership with impossibly polished white floors. It probably does not take you to eBay, but maybe it should! eBay has turned into a pretty popular place for people to buy and sell cars, with some sellers having enough experience to work out long-distance shipping. And we’re not talking just beat-up ’89 Accords, either — some of the most famous classic and exotic cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti are on there, with a handful commanding well over $1,000,000! Which ones are tops right now? Read on to see what are currently the most expensive cars on eBay!

T-20. 2015 Ferrari 458


This powerful convertible from this decade has turned into a prized possession, although we’ll see some more expensive special editions later on. This 2015 Ferrari 458 is sitting in Vero Beach, Florida at $699,000.

T-20. 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona


It’s a tie for 20th right now — the only tie on the list! The Daytona nickname has stuck with this Ferrari, a somewhat rare find. This one is in Vero Beach, Florida for $699,000.

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