Here Are 15 of the Most Expensive Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

We’re not talking iPhone X expensive (well, the iPhone X is on the list, but not in the way you’re used to seeing it). We’re talking gadgets that are way, way up into the thousands of dollars — the ridiculously luxurious things that are occasionally not worth their weight in tech, but always worth their weight in whatever precious materials were involved in their construction. It’s our imaginary Powerball shopping spree — the most expensive gadgets that are just a few clicks (and a lot of money) away from being yours.

Wrensilva M1 Stereo Console

Vinyl is back in a big way — big enough to where someone is selling a $10,000 stereo console with a turntable! Wrensilva is made up of a husband and wife team in San Diego, and their most expensive product is the M1 stereo console. We did say at the beginning that a lot of these gadgets don’t have that sophisticated of tech, but that’s not the case here — the price tag is as much a product of the master woodworking as it is the care with which the speakers and turntable are assembled.

18-carat Gold and Diamond iPhone X Bitcoin Edition

Told you the iPhone X would be on here! There are actually a lot folks out there that will rig up a super upscale iPhone for you, but we thought this one was truly special. This Bitcoin edition iPhone X from Stuart Hughes has crocodile skin on the back, 18-carat gold on the frame and Bitcoin logo, and just a ton of diamonds in the Bitcoin B, which almost blasphemously covers up the Apple logo. It’s £7,995, or about $11,145, and at press time, that is considerably more expensive than a Bitcoin. Perhaps that will no longer be the case when you read this, I don’t know!


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