9 Offbeat Pokemon Games We Love

Would we be good just playing the main series Pokémon games from Red and Blue all the way down to Sun and Moon and whatever’s in store for the Switch? Sure! Grueling breeding and training programs to mechanistically produce perfect fighting machines never gets old. But, the Pokémon series has always had a fun, wacky side, and that’s never been more obvious than this weekend. Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS finally made its way to the United States on Friday, in which you team up with a gravelly-voiced, unusually well spoken Pikachu to solve crimes and avoid other Pokémon, because this Pikachu isn’t really the fighting kind!

Anyway, it looks super weird and fun, and that’s before we get to the part about Ryan Reynolds playing Detective Pikachu in the movie adaptation, a thing that is happening. It’s far from the first time Pokémon has gotten a little experimental, too — here are a handful of great offbeat Pokémon games throughout the years!

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