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These 11 Online Retailers Opening Brick and Mortar Stores Prove Shopping Trips Aren’t Dead

It looks like Toys ‘R’ Us is about to fade into history, but don’t turn that emergent grief rage at Amazon. Toys ‘R’ Us accounted for a whopping 15 to 20 percent of all toy sales in the United States last year, and online sales only accounted for a little over 9 percent of all retail sales in December 2017. The physical store is far from dead, and it might not even be right to say it’s dying. Otherwise, why would we see what otherwise seems nonsensical — online retailers opening brick and mortar stores. These are retail businesses that started online and decided they were missing out on not having stores people can walk into, and their numbers are growing!

Not only that, a lot of these online stores are taking brand new tech into those new physical stores, giving them the data they can get from online sales and the customer experience that a physical location provides — people still want to touch, feel, and try on before they buy! With so much money being invested in changing how physical stores look and feel, it’s increasingly looking like physical retail stores will survive and maybe even thrive — even if, sadly, Toys ‘R’ Us doesn’t.

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