Brigitte Gets Some Love in This Batch of Great Overwatch Fan Art

Today we’ve got great two Overwatch fan artists who have one thing in common — they’ve already given some love to the game’s latest hero, Brigitte! The daughter of crusty turret man Torbjörn is ready to drop heals and shields as readily as Sean Tay and María Palencia drop some excellent fan art. Here are their two takes on Brigitte, followed by a sample of the rest of their work. You can find more of Sean’s work on DeviantArt and Facebook, and you can support him directly by browsing his INPRNT shop. You can find María on DeviantArt, Instagram, and ArtStation!


Rocket queen, meet rocket flail queen.


Meanwhile, María has drawn Brigitte outside of the fray and inside of the workshop. They’re both great!

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