These Pokémon Have Evolved Into Humans, and It’s Pretty Adorable

Are we seeing the next step in Pokémon evolution? If so, we’re cool with it! Gijinka is the art of turning, well, anything into super cute human form, and artist DAV-19 of DeviantArt is one of the best we’ve ever seen do it.

She’s transformed a handful of Pokémon into people (well, sometimes with some non-human features!), with a style full of charm and humor.

Here’s some of her work, and if you want to see more, be sure to head over to her DeviantArt page or Tumblr.

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

There’s a new dragon queen as far as we’re concerned!

Or flying lizard queen, whatever side of that debate you’re on.

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

All the Eevees as humans! The Espeon facepalm is not to be missed.

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

Now all we need are Jessie, James, and Ash as Pokémon.

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

Cubone and Marowak as little sister and big sister are adorable!

Tough life, though.

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

From fire squire to flame warrior!

DAV-19 /DeviantArt

Magikarp and Gyarados!

I feel like this Magikarp would be much more effective.

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