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The Week in Geek – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gameplay Trailer Disrespects the Sorting Hat

Too busy to keep up on all things geeky this week? We’ve got you covered with the trailers, merch, and news coming out of the week that was!

Here’s what playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery looks like

As we’ve noted, 2018 will see not one, but two mobile Harry Potter games. We’re still waiting for more information about Niantic’s Pokémon Go-like Wizards Unite that will probably take over your life for at least a year, but we did get a taste of what the other game will be offering this week.

Jam City’s Hogwarts Mystery is supposed to be an RPG set in Hogwarts in the ’80s, in the time of Tonks. They just dropped a gameplay trailer this week, showing how you can brew potions and cast spells in the game. For the most part, it’ll be a text-heavy RPG with your decisions moving the action forward.

Cool, but we also have capital P Problems. It looks like gold and gems are involved, which is mobile game speak for microtransactions. We kind of assumed those would be in, but at least make the pretend currencies a little more Hogwartsy. The gold better be counted in galleons, at least. Anyway, we can stomach that. The real misfire is that it looks like you put on the Sorting Hat, and then choose your house. That is not how the Sorting Hat works, and it deeply offends us.

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