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The Week in Geek – Basically Just a Ton of Good Nintendo News

Here’s a totally speculative report about possible Pokemon news in the near future

Here are two non-speculative things we know — a main series Pokemon game is in development for the Switch, and Detective Pikachu is finally coming over from Japan to North American 3DS handhelds. When will we hear more news about that Pokemon game for the Switch? That’s where the speculation comes in! Comicbook.com noticed thatResetera user noticed that the previous Pokemon Direct presentation is gone! Pokemon gets its own presentations, probably because it’s not fully owned by Nintendo. The old presentation disappearing suggests it’s not out of the realm of possibility that, despite just having a Nintendo Direct, big Pokemon news could be coming in the near future. Getting Yoshi, Kirby, Super Smash Bros, awesome cardboard fun times, and Pokemon all onto the Switch in 2018 would be a surefire way to keep selling Switch units, so it’s definitely possible!

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