19 Pokémon Wedding Goodies That Will Make You Say I Choose You!

A Pokémon wedding would be such a unique theme for all you chic geeks! Your guests would also be guaranteed to have a complete blast. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we found some amazing ideas and caught them all on this article! If you end up having a Pokémon wedding, you definitely need to let us know!

Pokeball Pokemon Go Ring Box

<img src="" alt="Pokémon Wedding Ideas Pokeball Ring Box" />

The perfect accessory for your wedding ring, it’s a Pokeball ring box! How cool is this? It would also be perfect for proposing to that special someone in your life. It would be impossible to say no to this!

UrbanoRodriguez/Etsy – $44.90 and up

I Choose You Wedding Cake Topper

<img src="" alt="Pokémon Wedding Ideas" />

This I Choose You wedding cake topper is geeky and glamorous! You can pick to have yours handmade in gold or silver too!

CakeTopperBliss/Etsy – $35

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