5 Tropical, Free iPhone Wallpapers That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

Tropical & free is the way to be!

What’s the easiest way to make your iPhone more chic? Wallpapers of course! Here at Chip Chick we’re now going to be designing some fun, free wallpapers for you to use! You can change these wallpapers as frequently as your mood, your outfit, whatever you choose, because tropical and free is the way to be!

How do you use them? Download these free wallpapers from your desktop or laptop to ensure you have the highest quality image! If you try to download them on your iPhone it will probably be too small of a file, so make sure to use your desktop or laptop! Simply right click and hit save image to save it to your computer. From there, either email or text the image to your phone, open it up, save it to your camera roll, and there you have it! You can now set the image as your wallpaper!

Twilight Palms

<img src="http://chipchick.com/image.jpg" alt="Tropical, Free iPhone Wallpapers" />

There really is nothing that beats palms and a beach at sunset. Take me here now!

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