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The Wrinkle Roundup: Chip Chick’s Favorite High Tech Anti-Aging Products Under $30

Anti-aging products can cost you an arm and a leg! What’s a girl to do? Never fear, Chip Chick is here, and we’re excited to bring you our favorite high tech anti-aging products under $30!

Yes, seriously, every pick on our list will cost you $30 or less. Nothing more! Anti-aging is now affordable, leaving you more money to splurge on those stilettos you have had your eye on forever.

PUR attitude Fusion-C Brightening Serum

This Fusion-C Brightening Serum from PUR attitude is something I actually use in my daily skin care routine.

This incredible serum not only helps with the anti-aging process by improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also improves the appearance of age spots, helps prevent free radical damage, and improve’s your skin’s firmness.

How is it high tech? PUR attitude’s patent-pending technology has proven to hydrate your skin 1000x more than water! It also smells amazing (like citrus), and it’s highly affordable at only $24 a bottle, which will last you awhile!

Amazon – $24

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