10 Things To Be Successful In Your 20s That You Ladies Should Be Doing Too

You don’t have to wait until your thirties and forties to start succeeding; there are 10 things you ladies should be doing in your 20s to get there. It certainly didn’t take me until 30 to be successful, and I’m sharing 10 things I did and continue to do that I know will help you to be successful too!

Switch it up

Test out different careers now so you can figure out exactly what it is that you would like to do or be. And no, don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you can only do what you went to college for. That’s just ignorant and beyond narrow minded. I went to college for Textile Design and held careers designing lingerie, recruiting, consulting, marketing, selling clothing and quartz countertops, and even working in ad tech doing publisher strategy and advertising operations. Very little of my career was spent on doing what I went to college for, and some of my jobs couldn’t have been more different from my major!

Yes, I held a different career pretty much every year of my life until I stared my own company. So go ahead and switch it up! You’re going to figure out what you want a lot faster if you’re brave enough to do this, and you’re going to learn invaluable skills along the way. I learned skills that helped me personally, professionally, and even as an entrepreneur. You can’t lose by testing new careers out, you can only learn!

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