5 Ways To Be Even More Productive At The Office So You Can Stop Staying Late

Over time is overrated!

When I was in the corporate world, I would lay in bed and get anxiety about going to work the next day because I had so much to do. So much to accomplish in so little time! I frequently worked overtime and stayed late at the office. That was, until I got sick of it (because my boss completely didn’t appreciate it) and set out to be more productive at the office so I could stop staying late! Here are my tips to help you out, so you can get more of your personal life back. Quite often the key to success is not actually working harder, it’s working smarter!

Whatever you do, do NOT multi-task

I used to think multi-tasking meant I was being more productive and better at my job. When you have so much going on at the office, it makes you feel like you really do need to jump between tasks because sometimes things can’t just wait, right? Wrong.

Stanford University published a study correlating multi-tasking to decreased productivity and suggested it might even harm your brain. That’s right ladies, it’s hurting you. So what’s a girl to do? Complete one task at a time. Only after your task is completed should you move to the next one!

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