Check Out These Terrible Yet Hysterical Celeb Photoshop Fails

Terrible, yet hysterical!

Photoshopping and celebrities go together like peanut butter and jelly. Celebrities have been photoshopped for as long as Photoshop has even been around! With the rise of social media and easy to use editing apps, celebrities don’t have to wait to debut on a magazine cover; they can now simply photoshop the heck out of themselves with apps! Everyone from Beyoncé to the Kardashians have been accused of posting edited photos of themselves on Instagram. Let’s take a look at these terrible yet hysterical celeb photoshop fails below!


Check out Kim Kardashian’s disappearing act….of her right arm. It looks like it just melted off or something.


The wine glass and phone in front of Bey’s thighs? So warped!

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