This Popular Smart Doorbell Just Got Way Cheaper Thanks to Amazon

Amazon has been on a little shopping spree of their own lately! Besides their high-profile acquisition of Whole Foods, they’ve also purchased security camera startup Blink and, more recently, have been in the process of acquiring smart doorbell firm Ring. That acquisition has now closed, and it’s resulting in Amazon doing a very Amazon thing — cutting prices!

If you’re not familiar, the Ring smart doorbell combines a doorbell with a security camera, allowing you to get a live feed showing you who’s at the door when it rings, with alerts sent right to your smartphone. It’s super helpful if you’re trying to avoid the majority of people hitting the doorbell, but it’s also helpful for interacting with delivery people — the device also has a speaker that lets you communicate with the person at the door.

The original Ring doorbell is now $100 on Amazon, down from $130. Not a bad deal, although there’s a little disappointment to be had — the Ring Pro and Ring 2, which feature improved camera quality and motion detection, are not being discounted. So, it kind of seems more like Amazon is just trying to unload some excess stock, much like they do during their perennially tepid Amazon Prime Day event during the summer, better known as the year’s biggest internet garage sale.

Amazon Key

Of course, both Blink security cameras and the Ring doorbell work with Alexa, making this another way for Amazon to pad its smart home offerings. We imagine that Amazon will also look to integrate Ring with their Amazon Key program, which allows Prime subscribers to opt into letting Amazon delivery people drop packages off inside the home, a system that requires security cameras and electric smart locks.

Via TechCrunch