These 9 Animal Robots Prove Nature Really is the Best Inspiration

We’ve documented why humans are at risk to be replaced by robots — turns out, our fellow earthbound species might not fare any better! The past decade has seen an explosion of interest in biomemetics, or the use of natural animal behaviors and movements to design robots. And no, we’re not just talking about Aibo here. These robots are serious feats of engineering that are sometimes useful for studying animals without having to hurt or stress an actual animal. Other times, they’re put out into the world to help us humans make more sense of it. Whatever the reason they were created, these robots all have one thing in common — they’re pretty awesome!

SoFI the fish

MIT researchers created this robot to look like a fish in order to record video under the sea to monitor the health of the oceans. The researchers used some pretty cool innovations to make SoFI actually swim like a fish, but the most important part really is the appearance — the robot doesn’t disturb actual fish in the ocean, allowing researchers to record video of them in a more natural state.

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