This Small Smart Home Device Can Tell You a Lot About Your Home’s Air Quality

Usually, that kind of funky indoors smell lets you know something isn’t quite right with the air quality in your home. But, even when that smell is absent, the indoors can still be home to all manner of particles and irritants that can make it harder to breathe and sleep or, at worst, damage your health long-term. That’s why air purifiers and sensors have become so popular in recent years, especially during this smart home boom. The Awair Glow is a smart home device that’s a little smarter than just a sensor, though — it can help you use energy more efficiently.

Awair Glow is the combination of an air quality sensor and a smart home plug. This tiny device can be plugged into an outlet, but has an outlet of its own that you can use to plug in an air purifier. The beauty of Awair Glow is that you can keep tabs on your home’s air quality if you want, but the device is capable of making a difference without you needing to do anything. Using a companion app, you can program Awair Glow to automatically turn on your air purifier once particle levels reach a certain point — you can get clean air inside without having to run your purifier 24/7, just in case.

You can get more hands-on if you want. The companion app not only tells you about particle levels, it can make some recommendations based on what exactly is polluting your home’s air. Running the purifier is an easy enough solution, but if you can take steps to make your home’s air cleaner overall and cut down on energy usage, that’s even better!

Awair also has a mind for design. All of their products — they make a larger sensor and more colorful ones for nurseries — have sleek, modern designs that ensure you won’t ruin the decor with a big, ugly gadget. They’ve even added wooden accents to Glow to give it a little more style.

The Awair Glow is available now on Amazon for $105, and it does work with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.