Here Are 16 of the Coolest Classic Cars on eBay Right Now

eBay has been trying to shed its image as a discount auction marketplace and build one up as a shopping giant where you can find literally anything, for any price! We’re seeing them do it with eBay Fashion, but eBay Motors has done just as much to shake things up for the company. eBay has turned into a thriving marketplace for cars and trucks, even for the most expensive in the world. Same goes for classic cars — they’ve got tons of beauties from before 1960, including these!


You can find cars as old as this 1932 Ford Coupe, which is going for $54,500.


Few cars have evoke Americana quite like the Chevy Bel Air. This 1957 model is on eBay now, with bidding at about $30,000!

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