10 Ways You Can Get a Gorgeous Custom Luxury iPhone X

Think the iPhone X was luxurious on its own? You won’t when you see what happens to it when luxury smartphone customization design houses get hold of them! The world is rife with companies adding all manner of precious metals and gems to smartphones, and they seem to have really found their muse with the iPhone X, which goes from $1,000 to many, many thousands very quickly. Even with the legendary Vertu dead and gone, the luxury smartphone lives on — here are 12 ways to make a super expensive custom luxury iPhone X yours!


If Vertu was the most well-known luxury phone maker, Gresso was a close second. Gresso has really gone all-out with their Blackwood Collection, using 200-year-old African Blackwood, a titanium frame, and 18-karat gold on the logo.

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