Here’s How Uber Will Be Expanding Past Cars in the Near Future

Feels like it’s been a long time since we had reason to talk about Uber that wasn’t scandalous in nature, but here we are! Yesterday, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi made a handful of announcements in Washington, D.C. about a brighter future for the company — one that, for a change, doesn’t have anything to do with autonomous driving, either! Instead, Khosrowshahi talked about how Uber will get involved in other forms of transportation in the hopes of transforming Uber into a comprehensive urban transportation app.

This one might come as a surprise — Uber wants to get into car rentals! It sounds like Uber Rent, which will kick off in San Francisco, will be more for short-term rentals. That’s more similar to services like Zipcar, and could be useful for people who need quick rentals to make day trips, go grocery shopping, or hit up IKEA. They’re doing this in partnership with Getaround, so if Uber Rent shows promise, it could be expanded to other markets where Getaround is active pretty quickly.

Via The Verge

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