Get Ready for Lake Season With This Can-Sized Life Preserver

We’ve heard that sometime in the distant future, the storms will stop and something called summer will arrive. The legends speak of sunlight, warm weather, and people actually wanting to go outside! Sounds amazing. Well, whenever it does arrive, going to the lake for a weekend is going to be in play, and that calls for a little water safety PSA! The OneUp life float might be a must-have on the boat — about the size of a can, this life preserver will inflate automatically when thrown into water.

Like a lot of cool little gadgets out there, the OneUp life float is elegant in its simplicity. It’s a spring-loaded inflatable, with a salt pod holding the spring in place. When thrown in water, the salt dissolved, allowing the OneUp’s carbon dioxide cartridge to open and inflate the float immediately in an emergency. Of course, seeing as it’ll probably be on a boat, the creators saw the obvious problem — the OneUp comes in a waterproof sleeve to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally pop open on the boat.

When packed in, OneUp is just 6.8 inches long and weighs 0.8 lbs, but when it’s fully inflated and on the water, it can support up to 330 pounds. It only takes about two seconds to fully inflate, too, so it’s perfect in case of emergency — all you need to do is throw it!

The spring-loaded mechanism makes it sound like the OneUp life float is single-use only, but fortunately that’s not the case. It’s possible to simply swap out the expended carbon dioxide cartridge for a fresh one with an undissolved salt pod. The float only takes about a minute to shrink back up into its compact size, so that process is almost as convenient as using it in the first place!

OneUp is currently seeking funding for their life float on Indiegogo — you can preorder one now with a $49 contribution to the campaign.