Here’s What Dragon Ball Characters Would Look Like if They Came to Our Universe

We’re as sad as anyone that Dragon Ball Super has wrapped up, but we’re sure glad it happened! Dragon Ball is red hot again, and it’s probably not the last we’ll see of Goku and Vegeta. But, until we do meet them again, we’ll tide ourselves over with some incredible fan art! Today, we’ve got a pair of incredible artists drawing realistic versions of characters throughout the Dragon Ball universes. Kimonas and Shibuz4 have really impressed us both with their talents, and you can check out some of their best work right here! And, if you want to see more, be sure to go to follow Kimonas on DeviantArt and Instagram and Shibuz4 on DeviantArt!


Goku doesn’t always get serious, but when he does, watch out!


Vegeta…is kind of always serious, but when he gets super serious, watch out!

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