x5 USB Car Charger Review: Your Days Of Fighting Over The Car Charger Are Over

Never fear, the x5 is here!

Your days of fighting over the car charger are over, because the x5 is here! How can this possibly prevent fighting in the car? It comes with five charging ports. Yes, five!! Developed by RapidX, the x5 USB Car Charger can charge up to five devices at once, and no, it’s not limited to just smartphones. You can also charge tablets with it too.

So this is especially perfect for moms on the go, because your kids won’t have to fight in the back seat over who gets control over the charger. It’s also perfect for family road trips! You won’t have to worry about devices running out of juice and your children’s attention spans running out. You’re never going to want to leave home without it!

My initial impression when I opened this up was that the colors on the x5 are so bright and eye-catching, which I love for two reasons. First, color is way more fun, and second, I won’t have to bumble around in my car to find this since it’s easy to spot! I also love that the charging cable is 5 feet long, so I never struggled once reach it, which I also appreciate.

Next, I loaded up my car with my friends and drove around so we could use all 5 charging ports at once. We had one tablet and four iPhones on board, ranging from a 7plus to an X. Nobody was allowed out of the car for 30 minutes so we could thoroughly test the charging power while fully loaded up. We were all surprised to find that this little charger really packs a punch! Hold onto your iPhones people, because you won’t believe how fast this baby powers up your devices.

We then decided to test it out next to some of own personal car chargers, and the x5 blew the competition away. We couldn’t find anything that could charge as fast as this, and let me tell you with 5 tech inclined women we really had a lot of car chargers between us!

This is a modern tech love story, because it’s been awhile since I’ve been this speechless over a gadget, and I get to play with them for a living.


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Ok, so what’s the verdict?

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