Diamonds Are Always A Girl’s Best Friend, & These Diamond Glasses Are No Exception

Happy hour just got way more chic!

Happy hour just got way more chic! You can never have enough cocktail glasses, especially when they look this amazing. The Soirée Diamond Glasses are classy, elegant, and ready for your next girls’ night! Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, and these diamond glasses are no exception!

My first impression of the Soirée Diamond Glasses is that the packaging is beautiful! I love the gold foil and the festive polka dots. It would make a lovely hostess gift, or a perfect present for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. You wouldn’t even need to wrap it! I would just stick a nice bow on and go.

Taking the pair of glasses out of the packaging, I was surprised at how lightweight they are! Personally, I prefer to sip cocktails out of glasses that are not bulky and heavy, so I would definitely have picked these Diamond Glasses out for myself if I came across them in a store.

The design is truly stunning. Definitely reminiscent of a diamond! Each glass is like a tiny piece of art that will fit seamlessly into the decor of your home. I love how multidimensional they are, and it makes them quite easy to hold. The glasses are made of borosilicate glass, which stays quite strong when exposed to high temperatures and is also is resistant to the majority of chemicals. Neat facts!

The design is particularly useful if you enjoy Whiskey or Scotch (personally, I’m a Scotch girl), as the glass shape makes it easy to rotate the liquid inside it and swish some air in there. It’s well known among Whiskey and Scotch enthusiasts that the glass shape matters in regards to your tasting experience, especially since being able to nose, or smell, it matters significantly. This Diamond Glass makes that possible!

Also, yes, you can totally just pour some wine in here and get on with your night. I poured myself a nice strong glass of water to take these pictures and show you how elegant they are, so you can see straight through the class. Honestly, these glasses are so gorgeous you’re going to be drinking everything out of them and using them on a daily basis!

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