Get Excited! Felix Gray Is Now Making Rx Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Felix Gray, one of our favorite creators of beautiful computer glasses, just introduced Rx blue light filtering lenses! Felix Gray was created to combat digital strain on your eyes, and here at Chip Chick we love them for their innovative and gorgeous designs. It’s exciting to hear they now will be offering solutions for prescription lens wearers! This opens up the ability to enjoy their innovative product to a whole new audience.

Felix Gray is the first maker of computer glasses to introduce a line of this kind, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Unlike their competitors, Felix Gray embeds the blue light filter within the lens instead of simply coating the lens with tint. This strikes the ideal balance between lenses that are not only clear, but effective too. Both points are of paramount importance when wearing them!

Each frame design from Felix Gray is made with Italian acetate, and their new Rx collection comes in an array of exciting colors and finishes including Whiskey Tortoise, Artichoke, Sazerac and classic Black (for those of you that like your frames to match all your outfits).

“We started Felix Gray as a solution for the all-too-many people that deal with symptoms associated with staring at a screen for long periods of time. Because it’s our own lens, it was difficult to move into Rx right away,” David Roger Felix Gray’s co-founder & CEO says. “But as we grew, more people wanted to wear our glasses as their everyday pair. It made sense to bring our lens technology to the Rx market, providing greater value to anyone who’s in front of a screen, whether they wear glasses or not. Now, there’s no reason for anyone to not own a pair. Felix Gray is the eyewear brand for today’s age–which, let’s face it–is spent mostly in front of a screen.”

In a world that’s increasingly becoming digitally dependent, you should really consider picking up a pair of Felix Gray computer glasses. Computer screens, smartphones, and even your TV can all cause strain and harm to your eyes, and your vision is irreplaceable. Investing in a pair of their computer glasses is a small price to pay to insure the health and wellbeing of your eyes now and throughout the future.

Starting at $145, their new Rx collection just debuted today! You can view their whole line of beautiful computer glasses here.