13 Girl Power Shows on Netflix Right Now That Will Inspire You

Netflix is absolutely killing it right now and it is there female-led, girl power focused shows that are really leading the way. At their last quarterly earnings report it was revealed that in the United States, Netflix added 1.93 million subscribers, compared with the average estimate of 1.44 million. This year the company plans to spend $6 billion in original content in 2017, a $1 billion increase from last year. And it is many of their original shows that debuted in 2016 that are drawing in all those eyes like The Crown which has been collecting tons of awards as well as the revival of Gilmore Girls and there is more to look forward to like #Girlboss, based on the career of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. Here are some of the best girl power shows on Netflix right now.

The Crown


If you haven’t heard about The Crown then you have been living under a very dark rock. In November, Netflix debuted The Crown, which focuses on the early dramatic reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who took the throne in 1952. Claire Foy and John Lithgow have already picked up awards for their portrayals of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill and has already been renewed for Season 2 (and possibly three more seasons after that.) Foy said of playing Elizabeth, “I think that it’s easy to see her as cold and distant and disembodied, because you don’t want to have to consider what it’s like for her. She’s the most famous person in the world and she has never displayed any emotion, apart from a couple of Remembrance Sundays where she had a tear in her eye. That doesn’t mean that she’s cold. What that means, what’s going on that we don’t see, is not that she doesn’t feel pain or happiness or misery or joy or any of those things, it’s just that we don’t get to see any of that, and that’s really fascinating that someone has managed to do that for 64 years.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Would you expect this not to be a fabulous show for women with Tina Fey at the helm and Ellie Kemper playing the title character? Kimmy is an entirely different character than we have seen in a long time. And even though she wears head to toe pink and yellow and like to sing songs all day she is still one of the strongest characters on television.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones


This show came out of nowhere and became a cult hit very quickly. Starring the always wonderful Krysten Ritter as the title character this show marked the first female-led Marvel’s franchise. A bit of an anti-hero Jessica is independent, rebellious and an absolute bad ass.

How To Get Away With Murder


Of all the Shondaland shows, HTGAWM is definitely the darkest. Though all the women in the Shondaland universe are very strong, Analise Keating is in a class of her own. And how could she not be when she is portrayed by the amazing Viola Davis, who is up for an Oscar this year. She is one of the most important and complex characters to ever grace the screen.

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