13 Girl Power Shows on Netflix Right Now That Will Inspire You

Miss Sharon Jones!


This documentary on the great singer Sharon Jones is definitely worth watching. After an amazing career, this film captures one of the toughest years in her life when she was diagnosed with bile duct cancer which then became pancreatic cancer. She died in 2016.

Ali Wong Baby Cobra


To watch a woman do stand up comedy during her third trimester is an amazing site and no one could do it except for the great Ali Wong. From LA Weekly, “Wong’s cutting observations and blue cracks make for a superbly cohesive and feminist piece of art. A master of shifting voices, she tackles many topics — scatology, aging, Asian-American identity — taking on the id-driven persona of a henpecking gold digger. (She claims she ensnared her husband for his “Harvard nectar,” and announces she never wants to work again.) Like the women of Broad City, Wong demystifies the female body — and all its oozy grotesquerie — as a site of relatability, not horror.”

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