A.N Other Perfume Review: Meet The Woman Shaking Up The Perfume Industry & Find Out If Her Scents Stack Up To The Fierce Competition

My first impression of A.N Other? The packaging is stunning and speaks to a luxury good. Elegant, classy, tasteful, this is one package you want to receive in the mail!

Ariella suggested I start with the blotters, as this perfume is quite strong. I welcome strong perfume, because it sure is a pain to have to re-apply throughout the day, or worry about losing your scent after a night out. I received the whole line of perfumes that they offer: Floral, Fresh, Woody, and Oriental, and here’s what I think of each scent below.


The first perfume I opened was the Floral one, since I generally completely and utterly despise floral scents. It’s pretty much impossible to find a company that makes a Floral perfume that doesn’t smell, well, like grandma. They’re usually so overpowering in a disgusting way that leaves you feeling like you licked a pair of curtains in a nursing home. It just sits on your tongue. Needless to say I don’t own any Floral perfumes. At all.

Let me assure you, this Floral one from A.N Other is ANYTHING but the norm! It smells light and sweet and yes, floral, but in a vibrant way I have never smelled before. The top notes are Cotton Candy, Elemi, and Saffron. Brazilian Mate, Night Blooming Jasmine, and Ambrette consist of the heart. The base comes through like Aged Leather, Cashmere Musk, Labdanum, and Amberwood. It’s actually an intricate and modern smelling perfume with a lot of layers to it. Definitely a feminine scent without being overwhelmingly so. Ladies, I FINALLY found a Floral perfume I don’t even like, but LOVE! This was created by Nathalie Benareau, who has also worked on perfume for Laura Mercier and Victoria’s Secret.


Ah, Fresh was the second perfume I decided to explore. I generally gravitate towards scents like this that are more of a refreshing smell. This perfume was inspired by gin cocktails, and you definitely understand that inspiration once you smell it. It’s light and fun and bold all at the same time! The top notes are Melon Pop Rocks, Grapefruit Zest, Gin & Tonic. The heart consists of Juniper, Madagascar Ginger, and Aromatic Lavender. Don’t let the Lavender scare you. I don’t like the smell of pure Lavender in the least and this is not an overwhelming addition to the perfume. I actually love it! So, on to the base notes, which are Chilled Amberwood and Metallic Musk. The only disappointing thing about this perfume is that I think it smells better than any specialty cocktail I have ever tasted. If only cocktails could be this exciting! This was created by Carlos Viñals, who has also worked on perfume for Dior and Marc Jacobs.


Woody is the next perfume on the list for us to look at. Sandalwood is at the center of this scent, but don’t worry it is quite a contemporary take on this! Sandalwood is indeed a very woody scent, and I think it can tend to smell harsh, but this Woody perfume does an amazing job of conveying all the finer points to the Sandalwood scent without having it be so heavy and harsh. The top notes are Pear Sparkle, Cardamom Spice, and Violet Leaves. You definitely get all of that at first whiff. The heart is comprised of Cypress, Rich Orris, and Amyris. The base is Sandalwood, Blonde Cedar, and Vetiver Madagascar. This was created by Patricia Bilodeau, who has also worked on perfume for Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica.


Oriental is our final experience! Meant to be exotic and mystical, this one certainly is. It reminds me of a foreign and tropical vacation. It comes across like a heavenly dessert, and you’ll probably spend your life trying to find something sweet that tastes as good as this smells. I definitely smell the Driftwood in this, the Lemon Sugar, and the Blood Orange. It’s quite delightful, and like nothing I have ever smelled before! This was created by David Apel, who has also worked on perfume for Tom Ford.

Overall, every single perfume is one knockout experience of scents. Prepared to be blown away. You really need to smell them for yourself, because they’re unlike anything you have come across; I guarantee! So much for fierce competition, because A.N Other simply blows the competition away. I’ll definitely not be buying perfume from anywhere else from this day forward.


Chip Chick was provided with this product for free, in exchange for our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Next, I put this perfume to the ultimate test!

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