Ecuadane Review: This Super Chic Blanket Is Bound To Be Your New Favorite Thing

Not only does this gorgeous blanket look amazing in your home, it was created to do good for others

I know, I know winter is coming to an end. It’s hard to believe with the funky cold weather we have been having! Winter is not the only time you can be thinking about buying a blanket though, and this super chic Antisana blanket from Ecuadane is bound to be your new favorite thing! Summer is the perfect time to get yourself something to cozy up in as well, because boating gets chilly, camping does too, and so do some of those summer nights!

So my first concern when picking a new blanket to add to my life is what it’s made of. I absolutely can’t stand one that is itchy and scratchy! That’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves in life. I love that the Antisana blanket is anything but itchy! It’s made of Alpaca and synthetic fibers, so It’s quite soft and lightweight, but warm. It’s clearly made with a lot of attention to detail, and I have no doubt this blanket will last you for years to come. It’s also machine washable, which is very convenient because I hate having to dry clean blankets!

It folds up very easily and nicely, so I definitely will be packing my Antisana blanket for my next trip or bringing it on the next flight I take. Even though it’s easy to travel with, it’s quite a large blanket measuring 93 inches by 82 inches, so there’s enough to share with your best friend or significant other!

Another thing worth pointing out is that this blanket is beautifully designed, aside from being beautifully made. The colors are very unique and lively, but they could add intrigue to your home and go with any decor you have. The story behind the design is that it is inspired by Otavaleño culture, which is very special. This blanket certainly looks like a piece of art.

Speaking of how they are made, this Ecuadane blanket was handmade in Otavalo, Ecuador by artisans. So not only is this blanket supporting those local people through providing jobs, it helps them to support their families as well. Ecuadane also donates a percentage of every purchase to local charities in that area of Ecuador, which means the Antisana blanket gives back. I love companies that go above and beyond like this with helping people! Not only does this gorgeous blanket look amazing in your home, it was created to do good for others.

You can buy this beautiful blanket for yourself for $129.99 with free shipping on Ecuadane’s website!


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