Uh-Owe! We Bet You Didn’t Know These A-Listers Are Actually Broke


When you think of celebrities, whether they be on TV, in movies, or gracing the cover of top magazines, I bet you don’t think of them owing money or being broke. When I think of celebrities, I think of money beyond my wildest dreams; luxury cars, multi-million dollar homes, Birkin bags, the whole nine yards. That’s definitely the reality for some celebrities, but for the A-Listers on this list, we’re going for broke. See if you can guess these A-Listers that are actually broke and check it out below! Some of the reasons why they have gone broke will certainly shock you.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was famous for The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and a variety of other hit movies, but she unfortunately wasn’t able to hold onto the money she made in those starring roles. In 2012, she had over $200,000 she owed in back taxes, and then she made headlines shortly thereafter when her credit card was declined for a $300 purchase. Ouch.

Michael Jackson


Even though Michael Jackson was reportedly worth millions of dollars, he actually declared bankruptcy in 2007. Why? His cost of living at Neverland Ranch was just too much. You would think he would have considered downsizing!

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