Are These Waterproof, Wireless Pamu Earbuds Worth It?

Padmate has just developed the Pamu Earbuds. They’re waterproof and wireless, but are they worth it? Chip Chick finds out below!

My first impression after unboxing them is that it is a bit tricky to open the little pod they come in, but it’s really neat! Also, the little pod is actually a portable charging dock! It’s very cool, because you can charge them and also easily stow and carry them around with you. So, you won’t have to worry about putting these earbuds in a carrying case AND remembering the charger too for any short trips or a day of commuting to your job. It’s conveniently all in one!

These earbuds are straightforward: they let you listen to music or chat on the phone via your smartphone and come with 3.5 hours of music playing time or 4.5 hours of chatting on the phone. That’s a nice lifespan! You won’t have to worry about constantly charging them.

Before you intend to use them, make sure you are all charged up and ready to listen or chat with them! When you turn them on, the blue LED lights well, light up, so it’s easy to tell that they are ready to use. The next step, pairing them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, is actually very quick and easy. Again, just make sure they are charged or they won’t pair! Speaking of charging, it takes approximately 2 hours for them to be charged fully. Also worth noting: they have to be within 10 meters of your smartphone to use them.

The Pamu Wireless Earbuds are also easy to use in regards to answering calls or starting/stopping your music. You simply press the touch sensitive button on the outside of the earbud once to answer a call, or twice to decline a call. I found them quite comfortable to wear, and I usually have a tough time with my comfort level and earbuds! I did go for a run while it was drizzling out, and these earbuds are not worse for wear, so the waterproof claims are true!

The Padmate Pamu Wireless Earbuds are a great gadget, and a highly affordable alternative to something like Apple’s wireless choice. Yes, they are worth it! Check them out on Indiegogo! They have a few days left!


Chip Chick was provided with this product for free, in exchange for our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.


Feature image courtesy of Padmate