Bump It Off Review: This Amazing Gadget Can Brush Your Dog, Exfoliate Your Skin, Clean Your Dishes, & Only Costs $9

I can’t tell if I love this more, or if my dogs do!

People, this is not a drill! The Bump It Off, created by a company cleverly called Goddess Of Gadgets, can help you brush your dog, exfoliate your skin, clean your dishes, and yes, it only costs $9.99. That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? I was so excited to be able to review such a thing!

The Bump It Off is made entirely out of silicone, so it’s ridiculously easy to clean and move between all your household chores. You can easily drop your Bump It Off into the dishwasher, and it comes out good as new! It’s antibacterial and also eco-friendly, which is a huge plus! It has two sides; one has big bumps and the other has tiny little bristles, so you can be sure this gadget really makes an impact on everything you need to scrub.

I absolutely love this neat little gadget and can’t believe it exists. It really is such a helpful thing to have on hand! And yes, it fits very easily on your hand. It’s also quite comfortable to wear, given the silicone material.

I used my Bump It Off on both of my dogs, and I can’t tell if I love this more, or if my dogs do! I think they thought they were having a nice little spa day. I honestly only use super soft brushes on them since they’re sensitive little creatures. I’m very thrilled the Bump It Off worked so great on my girls!

I used it to clean my makeup brushes (after of course putting the Bump It Off through the dishwasher first), brush all of the horse hair off my clothes when I came back from riding, and even tested it out on removing a stain from a shirt I sadly spilled coffee on. It actually works great for stain removal, since it is very gentle and won’t pill the fabric of your clothing.

This tiny little powerhouse is guaranteed to be your new best friend!

If you don’t want one in green, don’t worry, they have a variety of beautiful colors that you can check out on their website!

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