Here’s How You Can Build A Diverse Career In Order To Be More Successful

I’m all about diversity, especially when it comes down to your career

I’m all about diversity, especially when it comes down to your career. Society still tends to think that your career path should simply be a straight line; going from Point A to Point B. You’re supposed to slowly and methodically work your way up the corporate ladder in your chosen industry, and that’s about it.

My career has been anything but the traditional path, and I think it’s important for other women to build diverse careers in order to be more successful. You end up having more experience. You end up making more money. You end up being happier. It’s more exciting to look back on where you have gone and realize you ended up places you never even dreamed of.

I went to college for Textile Design and held careers designing lingerie, recruiting, consulting, marketing, selling clothing and quartz countertops, and even working in ad tech doing publisher strategy and advertising operations. Very little of my career was spent on doing what I went to college for, and some of my jobs couldn’t have been more different from my major! I held a different career pretty much every year of my life until I stared my own company.

Here’s everything I’ve learned along the way about building a diverse career so you can be more successful too.

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