This Gadget Is Sure To Help Your Baby Sleep Better (And You Will Too!)

This is the gift that will keep on giving, night after night!

Any parent with a new baby definitely struggles with their baby sleeping well, and consequently their sleep suffers along with that! The BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine is here to change all that and make sure that your baby sleeps better, and you will too. Developed along with doctors, this amazing sound machine features a wide collection of white noise sounds, along with 12 different sleep sounds.

The sounds come preloaded on an SD card, so it’s very convenient to use! Some of the different sounds that come with the BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine are natural white noise, gentle rain, ocean surf, dolphins, summer night, womb, heartbeat, prenatal, car ride, lullaby, woodlands, and shushing/white noise.

Let’s take a look at why white noise actually helps a baby sleep. White noise is simply just a bunch of different sound waves mixed together with low and high frequencies, but the brain is almost tricked by trying to pick them all out, that you tend to not hear other sounds, such as cars on the street or noisy neighbors. In your baby’s case, any noise from your house or the street will not be heard by them when you have white noise on, so that can help them sleep much better. That’s the science behind it!

The BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine will play for 5 to 8 hours with just one charge! Another neat feature is that you can stream your own sounds or music from your phone via Bluetooth. It’s also super portable and small, so if you travel with your baby be sure to bring this along.

If you’re not a new parent yourself, this is one excellent gift for any new Moms you know! This is the gift that will keep on giving, night after night!

You can get one for yourself from Sound Oasis for $59.99 on their website here!

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