The Kinsa Quickcare Thermometer Is One Gadget Every Mom Needs

As a mom, your child’s health is your absolute number 1 priority in life. As a first time mom, concern for your child’s health becomes a voice in the back of your mind that seems to come on immediately and somehow never quiet down. My son just turned 8 months old and is going through a really rough time with teething. We had an early start to this subject back at 4 months & 1 week old, my son popped his 2 bottom teeth. At the time, I didn’t have the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer to keep my fever-concerns at bay.

Between flu season, the common cold, teething, good days, bad days, an average thermometer simply does not do the job. Who can get their mobile baby to sit still long enough for a stone-age thermometer to take an underarm temp? And forget about the patience to keep a rectal thermometer in long enough to take a temperature before it starts getting things moving down there! I absolutely LOVE the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer. Not only does it sync to my iphone and verbalize the process of reading his temperature, but I didn’t need to have it under my fussy-gussy son’s arm for longer than a second before I got a final and accurate reading!

The thermometer comes in this light-weight box and could not be easier to take out from the box and get started. For starters it’s a quick 1-2-3 if you get the Kinsa app as soon as you take the box out of your bag! The app will let you select where you’d like to take your child’s temperature (oral, rectal, underarm). With any thermometer – I have always struggled with underarm temperatures so that’s what I chose, and it was the most “painless” (i.e. no screaming/crying/crazy behavior) temp taking he (or I) have ever experienced together.

I am so confident with the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer and would highly recommend it to any new-mom, first-time mom, or truly anyone who is around kids. I love that Kinsa thought to incorporate the modern-day tech savy mom, and more importantly, the ability to track your child’s temperature on your phone directly from the thermometer is amazing!