Netflix Is Bringing Back Lost In Space For A Second Season & Here’s What You Can Watch While You Wait

Danger, Will Robinson!

It’s official! Netflix is bringing back Lost In Space for a second season. They took to Twitter to announce the news, but they haven’t yet disclosed the release date.


I’m going to anxiously await to update you all on this! I binge watched the first season of Lost In Space and absolutely loved it. Here’s what you can watch in the meantime while we wait for the second season to come out!

Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a mix of horror, tech, and satire. It leaves you wondering what exactly technology can do to you when taken to extremes. Each episode questions a different part of technology, such as social media or sci-fi-esque concepts. An absolutely riveting show, you’re going to want to binge watch this one!



Anon stars Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried and is based in the future. A detective hunts down an assassin who has been wiped from all records. All private memories are recorded in this teach heavy futuristic world, and it leaves you wondering what would happen to us if we reached that point in society.

The Iron Giant


This animated film from 1999 was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Now that I watched it again as an adult, it’s just as good as I thought it was years ago. It’s about a kid that befriends a giant robot in the Cold War era.



Moon is a space age tale following astronaut Sam Bell’s three years on the moon. As his journey on the moon comes to an end, he comes to realize the shocking truth about his whole mission. I’m not going to spoil anything for you here. Go watch it!

Orbiter 9


If you’re looking for a space age romance, Orbiter 9 is for you! It follows a woman who has lived all alone on a spaceship, until an engineer enters her world and shakes things up.


Images courtesy of Netflix