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Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide Is Here To Help You Secure Your Spot As Daughter Of The Year

Never fear, Chip Chick is here!

I think the older I get, the harder it is for me to celebrate Mother’s Day. That might sound crazy, but hear me out. With every passing year, it’s so difficult to find a more thoughtful present than I picked the previous year for my Mom. She definitely doesn’t care about presents or gifts or things like that, I mean this is the woman who treated my childhood macaroni art like it had earned a spot in the Louvre, but I sure care!

It means the world to me to always pick a present the person I am giving it to will absolutely love, and my Mom is no exception. Yes, it can be a little hard to find a present that is, well, good enough for her. If you share this sentiment don’t worry, here at Chip Chick we found a bunch of perfect presents below that are sure to be something your Mom will love. You’re definitely going to secure your spot as daughter of the year!

Anything edible and this beautiful is sure to be a hit with Mom! The Chocolate Pizza Company makes affordable chocolate pizzas and they have a whole bunch of different designs just for Mother’s Day!

The Chocolate Pizza Company $24.95

A.N Other makes the most refreshing, exciting, affordable line of luxury perfumes. Your Mom would be excited to get one of their incredible scents for herself!

A.N Other Starting at $25

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