Yuzu Soap Skin & Lip Balm Review

If there’s one beauty product I’m constantly on the hunt for, it’s lip balm. It’s like my secret weapon, my absolute must have! Going from winter where everything is dry and cold, to summer where it’s hot definitely takes a toll on your lips, and you can never use enough lip balm.

One natural and handcrafted product that’s sure to perfect your pout is the Yuzu Soap Skin & Lip Balm! It’s handcrafted in small batches right in California, and only all natural ingredients go into making it. With anything I put on my skin, I prefer it to be as natural as possible.

My initial impression was that the packaging is sleek and clean, which I like. I know, I know, I completely judge a book by its cover! As soon as I took this Skin & Lip Balm out of the packaging, I was very surprised at just how much comes in this tube. It’s huge! For only $16, this is a real bargain. One tube is sure to last you a heck of a long time.

I used it every single day for a week straight and it barely seemed like I made a dent in it! Trust me, I don’t skimp on my lips and I applied this probably three to four times a day for seven days. A little goes a long way.

The consistency of this product really hits the sweet spot. It’s not so light that it makes you feel like it’s ineffective, but it’s not so heavy that you feel like you just coated your pout in goop. It’s that perfect in between, which I think is hard to find in any beauty product. It’s almost airy to put on. You can dab it and it seeps into your lips, or you can rub it or wipe it across them.

I received the Lavender scent and it’s divine. It’s not overwhelming or overpowering at all like some Lavender scented products can be. Wait, I take that back. I think most Lavender scented products can be so overwhelming the smell just makes you downright dizzy. The Yuzu Soap Skin & Lip Balm is not that at all though! It’s lightly Lavender, like a much more modern take on it.

So not only is there a huge amount of product in this tube, it’s easy to travel with! You can just throw it in your bag and go, and at 0.5 ounces you won’t get a second look from TSA if you want to fly with it. Which, I highly recommend since flying can really just dry you out!

So what’s actually inside this product?

  • Coconut Oil – deeply moisturizing and anti-bacterial
  • Shea Butter – anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing
  • Cocoa Butter – antioxidant, soothing and hydrating
  • Green Tea Seed Oil – easily absorbent and rich in nutrients
  • Pure Yuzu Juice – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Yuzu Soap Skin & Lip Balm is sure to be your new beauty best friend. You can get one for yourself here for just $16.00! It comes in Lavender, Mint, and Orange Yuzu!

Chip Chick was provided with this product for free, in exchange for our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.