Robots Are Now Growing Mini Human Organs & Here’s Why It’s Good For Us, Even Though It’s Freaky

The challenge though is that these min-organs are not easily created for mass production. That’s where the robots come in!

Researchers have come up with a robotic system that completely and successfully automates the process of growing stem cells into mini-organs.

“Ordinarily, just setting up an experiment of this magnitude would take a researcher all day, while the robot can do it in 20 minutes,” Benjamin Freedman said in the press release.

“On top of that, the robot doesn’t get tired and make mistakes,” he went on to say. “There’s no question. For repetitive, tedious tasks like this, robots do a better job than humans.”

Image courtesy of the Freedman lab

The image above is a “bird’s eye view of a microwell plate containing kidney organoids, generated by liquid handling robots from human stem cells. Yellow boxed region is shown at higher magnification. Red, green, and yellow colors mark distinct segments of the kidney,” according to their press release.

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