Why Swiping Right Isn’t Just About Meeting A Soulmate

For years, the act of swiping has become synonymous with finding Mr. or Mrs. Right (or Right
Now). You can find a no-strings- attached relationship just about anywhere nowadays. And,
everywhere we turn, people are finding long-lasting matches on dating apps, which surely gives
hope to us all.

But what about swiping right on people who could either become mentors, offer you new job
opportunities, or potentially become a business partner? You guessed it, there’s an app for
that. Enter Shapr, a Tinder-style networking app that’s redefining the word “schmoozing.”

How It Works

Shapr will present you with a pool of professionals with similar interests, like #Startups,
#Content or #GraphicDesign. From there, you can swipe anonymously and when the interest is
mutual, you’ll be matched—and can arrange a call, a coffee, lunch, however you prefer to
network. You can also add personal interests, such as #Yoga or #Photography, to increase your
chances of turning your connection into a friend, which means no more worrying about
spamming people for informational 1:1s, or worse, receiving unsolicited messages.

If anything, Shapr could also be a way for those who are stable in their love life to still
experience the swiping phenomenon without jeopardizing their relationships (#winning).

What to do After You’ve Matched

This is where the app excels—once you’ve matched with someone, you can start a conversation on your commute to work—or from your couch, without even pausing Netflix. Not sure how to break the ice? Shapr offers a variety of pre-made messages for your disposal, such as “Hey! It seems we have similar interests. Want to schedule a call to connect?” which is convenient for the socially anxious.

The Verdict

Shapr allows you to eliminate the middleman. If you need to network but hate networking
events, Shapr could open the door wide open to the next chapter in your life. And unlike Tinder,
users actually write about themselves, meaning you have a lot more to go on than just
mugshots and steamy bios.


So what are you waiting for? Download Shapr today and start swiping!