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Proven Review: This Innovative Startup Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Build Better Beauty Products & I Got To Test Them Out

Proven is paving the way!

Artificial intelligence is being harnessed for a variety of beneficial purposes these days, but this innovative startup is using artificial intelligence to build better beauty products. As a woman, having healthy and vibrant skin is worth every penny, and it’s exciting to see technology being put to good beauty use like the way this startup called Proven is doing! Yes, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and even genetics can play a part in the health and appearance of your skin, but it’s exciting to have even more control over helping you look your best with a customized plan.

Proven is truly paving the way with their custom skincare line. First, you visit their website and answer a brief survey to help them understand your skincare needs and pain points. They ask you things like your skin goals, lifestyle, and where you live. The survey is very easy and straight forward and takes no time to complete!

They can even develop skincare solutions to help eczema and rosacea, which is so rare to find. Their database pulls from their 100,000 products, developed with 20,000 ingredients, to come up with of variety of serums, toners, and creams tailored right down to you. Beauty should always be this personalized!

I was lucky enough to receive some of their customized products to review, and here is what I think after spending a few weeks using all of them! I received a custom Day Serum, Toner, Night Serum, and Night Cream. All of these products were custom mixed based on the survey I took on Proven’s website.

I found all of them to be a perfect consistency. They’re light, your skin just soaks them up, and I really enjoyed using them. They’re not goopy or gross or gloppy at all. Based on my survey results, these products were mixed with anti-aging and skin sensitivity in mind. I have ridiculously sensitive skin, especially on my face, and none of these products irritated it at all.

I would definitely recommend Proven if you’re looking to add custom mixed beauty products to your daily and nightly routine. It’s great they can tailor these serums, toners, and creams to fit your beauty woes and needs!

The susbcription costs $120 every two months. You can get started with Proven’s products here!

Chip Chick was provided with this product for free, in exchange for our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.